Skipper, 1963, from same owner as 1962 Midge
, only has one eyebrow but the owner says that is the way she came, in original outfit. 
 Item BR4001DN     Price $40.00

Very Rare,  Fashion Queen Barbie signed 1958 by Mattel, in a 1962 MIDGE box. Has original box, earrings put in plastic bag to save ears, 3 wigs on stand, has all fingers with coral nail polish as shown, and all painted toes, original rare outfit, tiny chip at top of head as you can see. I am selling this doll from the original owner. 
 Item BR15001DN
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12 Second Ken, by Mattel, circa 1962, hair is molded and painted in crew-cut fashion comes with red thong sandals, still in package. Reproduction box

 Item BR25001    
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#1 Ken, mint in box with flocked hair with bathing trunks, sandals, and towel. 
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11 Third Barbie, by Mattel circa 1960, blue irises and curved eye-brows, same as #2, no holes in feet, reproduction box.
 Item BR45001  SOLD   
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#4 Original Barbie from original owner, mint in original box, but box says Brunette,
Item BAR59501AS
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