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14 1/2" X 10 1/2", DOLLY'S BEST DRESS,  Original Ink Pen Drawing from the early 1900's, on back it says A sketching Tablet with a surface of Whatmans's Hand-made Drawing Paper, Reeves & sons, Ltd. London, Probably used to make other cards. Very Rare
Item PR12501 -  Price  $125.00

14 1/2" x 10 1/2" HARE CUTTIN DUN HERE, SHAVIN, Original Ink Pen Drawing, from the early 1900's, same as other print.
Item PR12502 -  Price  $125.00

15 " X13", Original Antique Print by Maud Humphrey, girl feeding chicks, dated 1898, newer frame.
 PR15001    SOLD

14 X 11 1/2" Maude Tansey Fangel, print with original antique frame, signed, wonderful  
 Item PR15001      Price  $150.00

17 X 12 , Wonderful Black Print
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17 3/4 X 15", Original Antique Print by Maud Humphrey, two girls with butterflies, dated 1890, newer frame and matting, very rare piece.
 PR25001   SOLD

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